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BETT 2012 Show Review – technology chasing a home?

Although an interesting show with lots of new products but got a feeling that technology was being forced onto the education sector.

It is wishful to think that colourful, exciting, interactive technology can readily engage and motivate a child to start learning. The reality of getting the child on track is far from this after you allow for the fading of the novelty factor.

We wish there were more products that paid attention to the rigour and discipline to learning with supporting tools to provide qualitative feedback to the learner.  From the learners’ perspective they need quality sessions, good variety of work, relevance to the real-world, structured and progressive so they can understand their progress.

This was another year of record breaking visitors to the BETT 2012 with a substantial part from overseas. It is always useful to have the overseas visitors but many a times we wished that we could converse in their language!

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