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JD Booster for Parents

JD Booster approach is an ideal tool for parents who want to provide some additional support to their children in Maths – find a JDB Certified tutor near you.

You’re always busy when you’re a parent, so you’ll be glad to know that helping your children couldn’t be simpler with JD Booster.

JD Booster Covers Everything Your Child Needs to Know

The exercises in the workbook cover all the topics your child needs to know and understand between the time they’re 11 and 14. It complements their teaching at school, allowing them to practice applying topics more often and in more depth than is possible in a packed curriculum.

Moreover, because each question can be on any topic they’re constantly applying their knowledge – even when it’s a year or two since they covered the topic in school.

Full Answers and Analysis Tool Provided

There is a companion parents’ answer book with complete solutions to all the questions, and you can even use the online analysis tool to quickly understand where your child needs additional support.

Start Boosting Your Child’s Confidence in Maths

Schools across the country are using JD Booster to help their students learn. Why not join them? Alternatively find the nearest JDB Certified Tutor near you, who are specially trained to help develop the child’s confidence, build communication skills and of course boost their maths.

You can see a sample of the workbook, or order a set today for your child to put them on the road to more confident Maths.

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