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JD Booster For Schools

JD Booster is an exciting package of workbooks and teaching methodology that will enable you to significantly increase the standards of your students at Key Stage 3 and beyond.

The workbooks supplement your lessons perfectly – a range of mixed topic questions and short exercises to give students the opportunity to apply mathematical principles more often and in more depth than is possible in a packed curriculum.

It’s Easy to Get Started

It’s so easy to make JD Booster a part of your scheme of work. Just set one lesson and at least one homework a week from the workbooks. It will save you time lesson planning and make your students constantly revisit and apply the knowledge they’ve learned.

You also receive CPD training in the JDB method. The training can be arranged to suit your schedule and can also be held at a time to suite you.

Make Sure No Child Gets Left Behind

It’s also incredibly easy to see how your students have mastered the topics with our free online assessment tool. Simply add in student scores from the task and the tool will tell you in which areas a student might need some extra help.

Using JD Booster will ensure no child gets left behind at Key Stage 3, and will give them all a firm foundation to achieve at GCSE. You won’t need to be constantly revisiting the basics whilst you’re preparing them to get the best results possible.

Find Out More

If you want to see how it all works in practice, why not take a look at some of the feedback we’ve had from people who’ve used the resource. Or take a look at some of our sample pages, or get in touch to receive a full sample workbook.

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