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JD Booster for Tutors

Are you looking for a complete package to help you structure your Mathematics tutorial sessions? Perhaps you’re looking for new ways to help your students make significant progress.

JD Booster Workbooks Will Help You Do Both

The range of eight workbooks of progressive difficulty are incredibly easy to set. They provide a complete tutorial structure and are ready to go, with no exhaustive devising and setting of questions.

And because the exercises are all mixed topic they’re perfect for tutorial sessions, giving a student’s whole mathematical abilities a thorough work out and letting you identify where there are weaknesses and gaps.

The online assessment tool makes it easy to produce personalised reports of a student’s performance – both to see how confident a student is in various topics but also as proof of the difference you have made as a tutor.

Plus your students will also receive achievement certificates from JD Booster to demonstrate their learning and prove they have mastered the key concepts.

Set Up Your Own Business

JD Booster can even help you set up your own tutorial business – if you haven’t already taken the jump. The workbooks and online assessment tool provide all the structure you need to get going. All you need to add are your experience and knowledge of the subject.

As part of your support programme you’ll receive rigorous training in the JDB Method and can work to achieve JDB Accredited Tutor Certification.

Find Out More

You can see some sample pages of the workbooks here, or you can register to receive the JDB Certification training and the full starter tuition pack.

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