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JDB Continues with Local Maths Award into Second Year

JD Booster, a leading provider of teaching supplements for 11-14 year olds has announced it will continue its sponsorship of a brand new education award into its second year. Last year, JDB, launched the award for Most Promising Talent in Mathematics at Harrow FE College, and have now confirmed that they will be continuing to support the development of promising local students with another award.

The move comes as research published by the Institute of Fiscal Studies reveals that children with strong maths skills earn significantly more in their careers. Coupled with the fact that as many as 85% of older children suffer with maths anxiety, and the need for support and supplemental tutoring in mathematics is clear for all to see. JD Booster’s award will act as a real incentive for youngsters to overcome their anxieties about mathematics and become more involved with a subject that could catapult them into the top jobs when they leave school.

Jay Jobanputra, Head of JD Booster , says, “We’re thrilled to be continuing the award into a second year, as we strive to support local students and help in the development of key mathematical skills. Mathematics is our passion, and one of the driving forces behind the award is the desire to see local children embracing the subject. Maths skills have so many benefits in the wider world and in prospective job hunts – at JD Booster we firmly believe that all students should be aiming for an A grade at GCSE level, opening up a multitude of doors in their professional futures.”

He adds, “Students that show exceptional aptitude or vast improvement in their mathematical studies at Harrow FE College will be eligible for the award – the winners will be announced in just a few short weeks on 25th June.”

JD Booster’s award is testament to the effort and determination the team have in encouraging development in youngsters. Their tutoring packages are favoured by teachers and parents across the area, and they have been credited with helping to put an end to the ‘I hate maths’ attitude that can be prevalent among 11-14 year olds. With their supplemental maths guide books, practical tests and written exercises, the tutoring packages help to put maths into context for young pupils, demonstrating just how valuable a good grasp of maths could be in their future careers.

The JD Booster method helps to instil confidence in children; the confidence they need to apply what they learn in school to everyday situations and circumstances. Parents no longer need to spend their weekends devising complex tests and exercises for their children to revise, and teachers and private tutors can come armed with a broad and comprehensive syllabus that ensures no area is forgotten. The ready-made method helps to empower children to succeed in mathematics, and perhaps even fight for the coveted JD Booster Most Promising Talent in Mathematics Award.

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