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JDB to help Uganda technical school build a library

The school provides ideal opportunity for young adults to acquire vocational skills. JDB is pleased to announce that it is teaming up with the school to encourage a love of books and help these young adults open their horizon of life.

Uganda school library

Practical lesson in progress






JDB launch at Nirvana School, Pondicherry

Super exciting time at Nirvana School in Pondicherry training the teachers in JDB methodology and running demo JDB sessions with the children.
Taking one of JDB session Jay at the launch

JDB Continues with Local Maths Award into Second Year

JD Booster, a leading provider of teaching supplements for 11-14 year olds has announced it will continue its sponsorship of a brand new education award into its second year. Last year, JDB, launched the award for Most Promising Talent in Mathematics at Harrow FE College, and have now confirmed that they will be continuing to support the development of promising local students with another award.

The move comes as research published by the Institute of Fiscal Studies reveals that children with strong maths skills earn significantly more in their careers. Coupled with the fact that as many as 85% of older children suffer with maths anxiety, and the need for support and supplemental tutoring in mathematics is clear for all to see. JD Booster’s award will act as a real incentive for youngsters to overcome their anxieties about mathematics and become more involved with a subject that could catapult them into the top jobs when they leave school.

Why should parents be concerned about the new GCSE exams?

Yet again, parents face more meddling with the children’s education. We hope this is going to last and yes, we are in support of bringing in more rigour to raise the standards of our education. It is our responsibility, collectively, to emphasise the importance of good solid education that lasts the lifetime of children. Parents should ensure that the school will make use of the new structure to enhance the education experience of the child.

Strong maths skills leads to better success


Children with strong maths skills at age 10 earn significantly more in their careers. This is the main findings of new research published by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (

Government project interviews JDB

JDB’s founder was invited to participate in a Government initiative on providing career guidance to future mathematicians.  Click on the link to hear Jay Jobanputra, of JD Booster, speak:

The project was done by Tony Mann (University of Greenwich) and Chris Good (Birmingham University) and funded by the National HE STEM Programme Mathematics Curriculum Innovation Fund. The project, as well as providing career guidance, also produced resources for the undergraduate mathematics curriculum on “Being a professional mathematician”.

CPD Training draws in professionals from Abu Dhabi and Essex!

JDB hosted their special training for the teaching professionals at the London’s prestigious Building Centre. The course covered the use of maths specific pedagogy, getting the best out of students and hands-on refresher on maths subject knowledge. “It was an intensive course but with lots of fun and variety with interesting presentations,” said the attendees. Standing from left to right are Eimen, Maha and Steve.

Special thanks to Ursula at the Building Centre for arranging the venue and looking after us.

Maths Challenge Award at Harrow College

JDB announced Coroama Corneliu as the Winner of their Maths Challenge, which was run at the Harrow FE College.  The winning prize was presented alongside a number of other awards that the college gave on the evening for other achievements by the students. JDB would like to thank the following students who received the recognition certificates for their effort: Robby Veneracion, Ciprian

-Adrian Burlibasa, Natasha Jethwa, Mohammed Rafi Maliyekkal, Said Nazivi, Anil Vaishnav, Mohammed Poppal.

BETT 2012 Show Review – technology chasing a home?

Although an interesting show with lots of new products but got a feeling that technology was being forced onto the education sector.

It is wishful to think that colourful, exciting, interactive technology can readily engage and motivate a child to start learning. The reality of getting the child on track is far from this after you allow for the fading of the novelty factor.

We wish there were more products that paid attention to the rigour and discipline to learning with supporting tools to provide qualitative feedback to the learner.  From the learners’ perspective they need quality sessions, good variety of work, relevance to the real-world, structured and progressive so they can understand their progress.

This was another year of record breaking visitors to the BETT 2012 with a substantial part from overseas. It is always useful to have the overseas visitors but many a times we wished that we could converse in their language!

At the LSE presenting the importance of maths 16 Dec 2011

We had a fantastic day at the London School of Economics speaking to some 60 would be under graduates about the importance of maths in many career paths.

Most of the talk was around the training that maths provides. This is that of being analytical, requiring a structured approach, ability to think in alternatives and having a definitive conclusion. All of these abilities are highly desired in many jobs.

Hopefully we were able to remove the myth that only a narrow set of careers require maths.

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