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BETT 2012 Show Review – technology chasing a home?

Although an interesting show with lots of new products but got a feeling that technology was being forced onto the education sector.

It is wishful to think that colourful, exciting, interactive technology can readily engage and motivate a child to start learning. The reality of getting the child on track is far from this after you allow for the fading of the novelty factor.

We wish there were more products that paid attention to the rigour and discipline to learning with supporting tools to provide qualitative feedback to the learner.  From the learners’ perspective they need quality sessions, good variety of work, relevance to the real-world, structured and progressive so they can understand their progress.

This was another year of record breaking visitors to the BETT 2012 with a substantial part from overseas. It is always useful to have the overseas visitors but many a times we wished that we could converse in their language!

At the LSE presenting the importance of maths 16 Dec 2011

We had a fantastic day at the London School of Economics speaking to some 60 would be under graduates about the importance of maths in many career paths.

Most of the talk was around the training that maths provides. This is that of being analytical, requiring a structured approach, ability to think in alternatives and having a definitive conclusion. All of these abilities are highly desired in many jobs.

Hopefully we were able to remove the myth that only a narrow set of careers require maths.

Visit us at the London BETT Show Jan 2012

We will be at the premier BETT Education show at the London Olympia from 11th to 14th January at stand R71. This is one of the most important show with visitors from abroad and the UK.

Education Investors Awards Evening

It was a great evening hosted at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London – finished off with charity chips at the casino! We will definitely be attended next year and look forward to meeting some of our new colleagues.

Education Investors Awards 2011

JDB Maths is in the Finalists as Supplementary Firm of the Year and will be attending the Awards evening on 17th November at the London Grosvenor House Hotel.

We’ll Be At the TES SEN Exhibition – 14th to 15th October

If you happen to be around in London at the end of this week why not drop in on us at the TES SEN Exhibition?

We’d love to discuss with you how JD Booster can help you if you’re a teacher, tutor or parent.

Post event pictures…..

Finalist 2011 – The Education Investor Awards

Unique supplementary maths method for 11 to 14 year olds makes it to the innovations Education Investor Awards finalists

The awards focus on recognising innovation in the education sector. The JDB Maths Booster, co-founded by a banking consultant, is a ‘back to basics’ supplementary method to help schools and teachers achieve higher standard in mathematics for 11 to 14 year olds. “The product deals with many of the weaknesses seen in the current delivery of maths and the predictable decline in the standards,” said Jay Jobanputra, CEO and co-founder.

The JD Booster Story

I have two children, and both had their issues with Maths at secondary school. One was very confident and able, but got bored easily. The other was very able, but completely lost her confidence in Maths.

My experience with both taught me a lot about how children are taught Maths and gave me a lot of ideas too of how I could help support teachers.

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