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Improving standards of education is a popular topic for corporate social responsibility programmes, and it’s easy to see why.

The Case for Investing in Education

Education has such an impact in improving life chances, both here and in the developing world. Rather than simply doling out money or trying to fix the symptoms of societal breakdown, improving education goes right to the source of the problems.

But education programmes can be difficult to put into practice and their impact difficult to measure. That’s where JD Booster provides leading brands with a real opportunity to develop a powerful and meaningful programe.

It’s incredibly easy to put into practice as part of a CSR initiative at schools in your locality. All learners need is a pen and paper – there’s no software or tricky implementation.

A Highly Flexible Programme

You have the option to get your employees involved. JDB will train and certify them in the JDB Method and prepare to deliver the programme at school. Employee volunteers love the programme as it is fun to run and they can see the positive change in the children very quickly. See our success stories.

It’s already proven and it really works. You don’t need to spend timeless hours developing resources and complicated logistics. All you need to do is put a logo on the front cover.

The workbooks are highly flexible. You can sponsor them in the UK or overseas schools (indeed we have successful examples from India and the Middle East) so whether you’re a national champion or an international congolmerate JD Booster workbooks make it easy to give something back.

You can also participate as a Donor (as opposed to sponsoring the whole programme). There are a number of Donors who collectively have sponsored the programme.

Find Out More

If you’d like to find out more about how we support companies who want to make a difference please get in touch.

Children Already Benefiting from JD Booster Sponsorship

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