Delivering practical exciting maths to 10 to 16 year olds

The JDB Method

The JD Booster package is a series of eight workbooks of progressive difficulty that cover all
of the Maths a child needs to know from 11 to 14.

JD Booster Supplements Teaching

They do not replace the teaching a child receives at school, they uniquely supplement it – allowing the child to practice and apply topics they learn in class throughout the year.

The exercises, rather than being focused on specific topics, are all mixed. This helps children learn when and how to apply the maths they learn in school – as well as providing constant reinforcement so nothing is forgotten.

If there are gaps in knowledge, teachers, parents and tutors can all take advantage of online analysis tool that accompanies the workbooks. Put in a child’s scores and it will tell you instantly where they need further assistance.

An End to ‘I Hate Maths’

The benefits extend way beyond the programme. Making sure children are strong in the fundamentals provides a firm foundation for success in their GCSEs and the wider world beyond.

These practical workbooks help you put an end to the ‘I hate Maths’ syndrome. The exercises are so practical they help children see the value of Maths in their everyday life. They’re great for motivation, and better motivated children achieve better results.

Find Out More

Want to see JD Booster in action? Take a look at some sample pages from the workbooks or see some case studies of how people have used JD Booster to dramatically raise achievement.

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